The wolf population is growing but it is much smaller than it could be, possibly due to intense poaching and state-authorized wolf shooting.

The meeting with wolves remains a rare event because these animals are discreet, fearful, and roam vast territories. If new French territories are joined by wolves in dispersion, the installation of new breeding groups is almost nonexistent there. Reproduction is only observed in the Alpine and Provençal mountains. The only reproduction outside the Alps was in the Vosges in 2013; since then, nothing ...

The current population of Eurasian brown bear, subspecies of brown bear that lives on the French and Spanish slopes of the Pyrenees is often called "Pyrenean bear", however, it is not a species in its own right but from an extremely small population group of brown bears.

It has been the subject of significant media coverage in recent years, pitting Pyrenean breeders, who attribute it a great deal of damage, to the supporters of its conservation and the strengthening of its population who want to avoid its disappearance. A large controversy has been created around this large mammal which traditionally remains present in the Pyrenees while it has disappeared from all other regions of France throughout history. Globally however, the Eurasian brown bear is not considered a threatened species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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Assumptions and objectives of the plan. From the end of October, the snow transforms the rounded peaks, the frozen lakes and the numerous valleys into a fabulous playground suitable for discovery by dog sled.
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If you are here, it is because like us, the environment, the outdoors and nature are important to you. Here's how you can help protect our beautiful natural resources and become part of the important movement of eco-tourism. For more information, you can refer to the Seven Trace Principles.

La façon dont vous voyagez affecte à la fois notre planète et nos écosystèmes. En protégeant l'environnement, nous pouvons tirer le meilleur parti de la beauté qu'ils ont à offrir. En encourageant l'écotourisme, vous soutenez clairement le développement économique durable de la communauté. Les activités d'écotourisme sont une occasion unique d'en apprendre davantage sur la flore et la faune et les communautés locales.

The Inspire 1 was a revelation. It is the first drone in the world for filmmaking to offer a system HD video transmission, a 360 ° rotating gimbal, a 4K camera and simple control from the application.

The front and bottom optics help the Inspire 2 detect obstacles up to 30m away. The device is thus better protected in flight up to a speed of 54 km / h (34 mph) and an attitude angle of 25 °. Infrared sensors at the front scan obstacles over 5 m (16.4 feet), always more protection in narrow spaces. Obstacle detection systems are active in normal flight, during RTH (return to the starting point) and with the modes intelligent flight. These sensors are the backbone of the FlightAutonomy system, which provides the following intelligent functions for the Inspire 2

The Inspire 2's front and bottom optical systems create a real-time map of the flight path. If the video transmission system is lost during Smart Return to Home, the device is able to continue on the original path, then return in a straight line after recovering the signal. During the return journey, it will use the main camera to identify obstacles over a distance of 200 m ahead, to plan a safe return trajectory. He can also reconnect more quickly after losing a connection.

Latest version of DJI Lightbridge technology reaches a distance 7 km (4.6 mi) * and is capable of transmitting video stream of 1080p / 720p as well as a first person view (FPV) to the pilot and the cameraman. Users can alternate between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies ** to avoid noise and improve signal stability.

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